DuncanHawthorne fullOver 9,200 people from Bruce, Grey and Huron counties joined Bruce Power President and CEO Duncan Hawthorne’s telephone town hall last week to discuss the company’s landmark agreement to refurbish six of its eight reactors.

“It’s always good to chat with members of the community and to hear what their concerns are about our electricity system,” Hawthorne said. “Callers asked some very good questions about our refurbishment agreement, the price of power, jobs, the economic impact Bruce Power has across Ontario, and the clean-air benefits of nuclear power.”

The telephone town hall allowed residents to learn more about the Dec. 4 announcement that Bruce Power will refurbish Units 3-8 from 2020-35, while also conducting other life-extension activities from 2016-53. This $13 billion work program will create about 18,000 of direct and indirect jobs annually across Ontario, and inject over $6 billion into the province’s economy each year.

During the town hall, residents were asked polling questions, and, of the decided voters, 97 per cent said the announcement was good for Ontario, 93 per cent said the long-term commitment to nuclear power would help Ontario reach its climate goals, and 91 per cent believe Bruce Power’s agreement would positively impact electricity prices.