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The annual Remembrance Day ceremony took place in Southampton under a bright and beautiful sky, to commemorate the memory of those who fought and died for our country November 11.

Put on by The Royal Canadian Legion, Branch No.155 of Southampton, the community donned their poppies and came together to pay their respects as the Colour Guard marched down High Street.

Those in attendance remarked about the peaceful, sunny day, opposed to the ceremony that took place in 2013, where the rain and wind forced crowds and servicemen inside G.C. Huston.

There was a slight pause following the laying of the wreaths as servicemen on scene and paramedics attended to a student who had fainted during the ceremony.

Reverend Keith Reynolds sent out prayers to the child and thanked everyone for cooperating and proceeded with the Benediction and the singing of God Save the Queen.

Following the parade around the Big Flag by the Colour Guard, members of the community privately placed their poppies on wreaths. Dressed in poppy red, Vienne Hoy placed her poppy on the servicemen’s wreath.

“I wanted to place my poppy on their wreath because they helped the little boy who fainted,” Hoy said after the service.

As people began to disperse and go back to their day, there was only one conversation and that was how perfect of a day it was to remember.

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