Robin Hilborn with Southampton Vignettes 2nd edAuthor Robin Hilborn of Southampton has just released the second edition of Southampton Vignettes, a local history which sold out of its first edition in 2011. The updates include new chapters on Southampton history prior to 1850 including new information on the earliest days of Southampton, when captains Spence and Kennedy arrived, and also on life at the Saugeen River mouth before them.

"After getting many requests for a reprint, I saw the chance to reissue Vignettes with new chapters," he said. "It's got more on Ojibway history, fur traders, the Métis antecedents of Aunt Annie, and the fishermen who had so much trouble making a living on Lake Huron."

The book is available for $25 and can be ordered online or purchased and at the Bruce County Museum gift shop in Southampton.

Southampton Vignettes contains 24 chapters covering 200 years of Southampton history, from fur traders of the 19th century to the 21st century restoration of the lightkeeper's cottage on Chantry Island; over 100 photo illustrating many aspects of town history, from the bustling river harbour and train station to the destruction caused by Hurricane Hazel.

Hilborn's latest book, Heart of the Great Lakes: Lake Huron and the Saugeen to 1850, goes on sale in early November. He will be giving a talk and signing copies of Heart of the Great Lakes at a book launch at the Bruce County Museum on Nov. 21 at 2 p.m.

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