SS Police7 fullA total of 128 incidents were reported between September 14 and September 20, 2015.

Fraud Alert

We have received a number of fraud and attempted fraud complaints recently in which the victim is contacted and the caller attempts to convince the caller to allow them to access their computer and online banking. In some instances the fraudster was able to access the victim's banking and transfer funds, making it appear as though the victim had received a deposit and then having the victim re-pay some of the money. Do not allow anyone contacting you to access your computer as it gives them an opportunity to install malware or access your personal information.

On September 20, police received a complaint of a theft from a boat at the Port Elgin harbor. The victim reported that there had been a forced entry to the cabin area and that alcohol had been stolen.

On September 19 at 4:30pm, police attended at Walmart in regards to a theft complaint. Loss Prevention staff at Walmart had observed a customer leaving the store with merchandise that had not been purchased. A female, 50, from Cambridge was charged with Theft.

On September 18 at 8:45pm, police received a report of a missing male. The male, age 80, was a resident of a senior’s care facility in Port Elgin. After a search of the facility with negative results, police and fire became involved. The resident returned to the facility at 10:30pm unharmed. He had been taken to an event and prior arrangements had been made with the care facility but these arrangements had not been communicated to all staff.

On September 17 at 1:15am, police were dispatched to a disturbance at a bar in Port Elgin. A male and female had been arguing. By the time the police arrived the male had left the area but was later located. Investigation revealed that the male was on conditions and not allowed to be in communication with the victim. The same male, age 34, from Huron-Kinloss was charged with Failing to Comply with an Undertaking and two counts of Failing to Comply with a Probation Order.

On September 17, a complaint was received about a person shooting at sea gulls with a bow and arrow at the Port Elgin beach. A male and a female were located by police and it was determined they had been using a toy bow and arrow set but that no birds had been hit. They were given a caution.

At 5:00pm on September 17, police received a complaint about a car that had been driven dangerously in the Port Elgin cemetery. The vehicle was located by police and the driver, age 17, was cautioned for dangerous driving.

Police attended a motor vehicle collision on Goderich Street on September 16. A vehicle was northbound on Goderich Street when the door of a parked vehicle was opened and struck the vehicle. There were damages to both vehicles. A charge was laid for Opening Vehicle Door Improperly, contrary to the Highway Traffic Act.

At 6:30pm on September 14, police received a report of a break and enter that had occurred earlier in the day. A resident on Adelaide Street in Southampton heard someone walking in the house. The victim, thinking that it was a family member, called out and then heard a person running from the residence. The incident was reported to have occurred at 10am. The complainant believed that two bottles of beer were missing from the fridge.

On September 14, police received a complaint of a theft of a wallet. The victim had parked his vehicle at Denny’s Dam and left his wallet in the vehicle while he was fishing. He noticed the wallet missing later in the day. The wallet contained identification, credit and debit cards as well as cash.

At 10:00pm on September 14, police and fire attended at Maple Square Mall in response to a possible fire. Smoke was observed in one of the apartments in the building. After an evacuation and search for possible sources of fire a smoldering cloth was found outside the building. It was determined that the cloth had caught fire while a resident was cooking and had been thrown out the window.