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Photo by Total Shape on Unsplash.

Bruce Power is giving the local health care a boost with a $300,000 contribution to two area hospitals.

The municipalities of Saugeen Shores and Kincardine will be provided with $100,000 over each of the next three years, 2024 to 2026, with $25,000 going to each hospital annually in support of their Emergency Room (ER) support programs. In a recent media release, the remaining funding will be used to support activities such as physician recruitment and retention to helping to ensure stable access to physicians and services in the area.

“Our employees and our communities rely on the Kincardine and Saugeen Shores hospitals and the excellent services provided by the health care professionals who staff these facilities,” said James Scongack, Chief Development Officer and Executive Vice-President, Bruce Power. “Access to these services is crucial as our communities continue to grow and we’re pleased to continue to partner with local municipalities in helping to keep emergency rooms open and to make sure everyone has access to the health care they require.”

With strong growth in the area expected to continue, Bruce Power is working together with the municipalities to meet increasing demand.

“Our goal is that our local emergency departments are open and staffed around the clock and never at risk of closure, and that every resident has access to a physician,” said Saugeen Shores Mayor Luke Charbonneau.“Working together, we can build a sustainable health-care framework.”

“Together, we need to form a health-care system that is robust and resilient,” said Kincardine Mayor Kenneth Craig. “Our partnership will help us to prepare for the predicted population growth and to make sure our hospitals and staff can continue to serve everyone.”