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Big thinker, problem solver, empowerment speaker; just some of the words that Erin Little uses to describe what she and her business, Authentically Erin are all about.

“You have to be you,” said Little. “In the big scheme of things that's my message.”

And that is the premise from which Authentically Erin comes. “I'm a people helper,” Little said with a smile.

An event happening this weekend is one way in which Little intends to do just that. On February 20 at Bruce County Museum & Cultural Centre, 'embrace & empower YOU, A series of chats for your mind, body & soul', will see local presenters speak about subjects such as wellness, nutrition, self care, yoga, emotional empowerment and authenticity.

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walk away“I want to run these (events) for people because I think there's something palpable about being in a room with somebody and encouraging them and inspiring them,” said Little.

“I also want to help people set intentions for their lives,” Little added, “sometimes we need someone to help us and there's no shame in that.”

Little's website launched February 17 and through it Little intends to use video and the written word as another avenue to inspire others to not only set goals for themselves in their day to day lives but reach those goals.

Erin, her husband Chad and their two daughters, Olivia and Harper are no strangers to Saugeen Shores, perhaps best known through their Liv-A-Little Foundation, which raises funds for Cystinosis research in hopes of one day finding a cure. Cystinosis is a rare metabolic disease that affects just 75 children and young adults in Canada, among them, Olivia Little.

“Olivia didn't get diagnosed with Cystinosis until she was 18 months,” said Erin Little, adding that until then they were a “normal” family, getting up in the morning, living their day to day lives, going to bed at night. But going through her daughter's diagnosis and illness is part of what has brought Little to where she is today.

“For so long I was trying to separate me from Olivia having Cystinosis but I can't have one without the other,” she said.

Learning to accept her life as it is today and being grateful for every aspect of it has all been part of her story.

You can follow Little on her website,

Tickets for 'embrace & empower YOU' are available at Metta Wave, 515 Goderich Street or by contacting Erin Little at 519-386-5188 or full