Defined Eyes StudioTrena Stark, owner of Southampton’s beauty boutique, Defined Eyes Studio.

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Defined Eyes Studio has been enhancing the look of its clientele since officially opening its doors in August 2017. The Southampton beauty boutique, located across the street from the Southampton Bakery is owned by Trena Stark, formerly of Tara, and features complimentary services by Day Dream Mini Spa, owned by Maxine Thornton of Saugeen Shores.

Trena, who was born in Southampton, wanted to bring her advanced beauty services to Saugeen Shores. She performs semi-permanent eyebrow microblading, lash lifts and extensions, facial waxing, and an advanced treatment called Fibroblast. The skin-lift treatment is unique to the area as Trena was one of the first in Canada to learn the trade and is currently the only business performing the service in Grey and Bruce.

“Once I saw the lack of people doing what I do in Grey-Bruce I thought it was a good time to open a business in Bruce County. We shouldn’t have to drive to a major city to receive these incredible treatments,” said Trena. “I found there was this gap of artists doing what I do in this area. I wanted to bring experience and market to the everyday woman of Bruce County. I wanted to bring advanced and trending beauty services to the area.

Defined Eyes Studio is a successful result of the county’s Starter Company program which Trena said has provided invaluable help and mentorship.

Trena will soon be training on new services that will be added to the business including lip pigmentation, powdered brow enhancement, and mircroblading removal. “It can be very difficult to correct misshaped brows or correct colour so being able to remove and start from scratch is really important to give optimal results,” said Trena, adding that she has successfully completed over 200 microblading sessions. The artist said that staying on top of current trends is important and believes that expanding brow services to offer a different look is something that will bring in new clients looking for a more bold result and lip pigmentation can provide results ranging from very subtle to very bold, catering to a variety of women.

“Everybody's looking to build a bit of confidence. Most women have that ‘one thing’ that they would like to enhance or correct. Eyebrows are important and a lot of women spend far more time on them than they like to,” said Trena. “I’m here to give a tailored result to each client saving them precious time. I want to be the go to place where women can walk in feeling comfortable and walk out feeling a little more confident in their own skin.”

Trena said that she services a variety of women from busy moms to working professionals and retirees. She said that since getting her Fibroblast certification from the Plasma Aesthetics Academy she has completed several treatments, something she calls a “soft surgery”.

"Fibroblast gives results previously only available with surgery," she said. "Plasma is used to reduce and tighten excess skin as well as stimulate collagen production. The results can last up to five years and there is minimal down time. It really is an incredible service providing dramatic results,” she added.

Trena said the Fibroblast is a great alternative to surgery as it is far less invasive and much more cost effective. “It’s a great service for the aging clientele who want to age gracefully, but still put up a fight. It’s also used to remove pesky skin tags or moles,” she said.

Fibroblast treatment areas include eyelids, crow's feet, smile lines, smokers lines, full neck, sagging cheeks, and more, with most treatment areas being completed in under an hour.

Since opening the space in late August, Trena said she cannot believe the incredible response and support from the community. “I thought I would have a couple of clients a week and be very heavily focused on microblading. I am typically booking about three weeks in advance and have a great balance of clients who are taking advantage of all of my services,” she said. "My business feels like it’s still in its infancy, I haven’t even been open for 12 months and already I am quite busy. I am looking forward to the summer season and welcoming back the tourists but the women of Grey and Bruce County are truly my priority.”

To find out more about the Southampton’s advanced beauty studio and to view Trena's work or contact the business visit, like them on Facebook or follow them on Instagram @definedeyesstudio.

Walk-ins to the business will be greeted by “Mable the Table” where one can find contact information if Trena and Maxine are busy with clients. “Mable the Table, is always available if the doors are open,” said Trena. “She is happy to take your contact info so we may reach out to you when we are available.”

Defined Eyes Studio is open by appointment Monday to Saturday and can work around a client’s busy schedule.

microA sample Microblading performed by Trena Stark owner of Defined Eyes Studio in Southampton.

FibroblastA sample of Fibroblast on the under eye by Trena Stark owner of Defined Eyes Studio in Southampton.