Cheryl Goetz 560Ewyn Weight Loss Studios Port Elgin owner Cheryl Goetz at her new store in the Shoppers plaza.

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Ewyn (Exactly What You Need) Weight Loss Studios, a new business in Port Elgin, is now open and offering a free personal consultation to anyone looking to lose weight and learn how to eat for a healthier lifestyle.

Store owner Cheryl Goetz is no stranger to Port Elgin and has been health coaching for the past 20 years. “People will know me from the area because I've been coaching them for weight loss,” she said. “I had Herbal Magic in town for 15 years.”

Goetz said that she loves the Ewyn program. “It's more food and it works with the muscle; and personal training was something that I was passionate about.” Goetz added she taught a similar program to her clients through Herbal Magic and with good results. “I’m excited to be back.”

Ewyn is located at the north end of Port Elgin in the Shoppers Plaza and opened its doors August 8. “We already have a few clients who have joined us so we're very excited about watching them lose weight and they're seeing results already,” said Goetz.

She explained that the Ewyn program is based on using real food. “We teach you how to use your own grocery store,” she said. “How it's designed is to feed the body so your body's always feeling like it's safe and it's able to lose that weight.”

Goetz said the program focusses on retaining lean muscle. “Being able to keep as much lean muscle in the body is going to keep you healthier and younger and have more energy so that's really the basis of our program,” she said.

“The biggest part if you want to lose weight is that you have to eat. A lot of people don't realize that if you don't feed your body there's no possible way you can actually lose weight and if you're not feeding your body enough calories, what's going to happen is you're going to attack your lean muscle and that decreases your metabolic weight so you're fighting against yourself,” she explained. “What we are doing is actually rebuilding your metabolism... we want to make sure we keep as much lean muscle as possible to keep your metabolic rate high so when you're maintaining your weight you're keeping it off for life.”

The type of weight loss program is designed to an individual’s lifestyle and determined through a free one on one consultation, which takes approximately 45 minutes. Things like health history, medications, form of employment and daily routine are all taken into consideration. “That gives us a kind of a guidance,” said Goetz adding, “It's all one on one coaching, there's no group sessions, so it’s very private.”

Another thing that can vary from client to client is the length of the program which, Goetz explained, depends on how much weight the individual wishes to lose. “After they've lost the weight we teach them how to keep the weight off, it’s called stabilization maintenance,” said Goetz. “Losing the weight is the first step, stabilizing them is the second and the third step is teaching you how to keep it off for the rest of your life.”

Ewyn Weight Loss Studios began just a few years ago, with its head office in Corunna, and the business has grown quickly with 30 studios across Canada. “Most of them are in Ontario but we do have some out west and out east as well,” said Goetz, adding adding that she also owns the Ewyn studio in Goderich. “I've had it there since February and we're on the verge of reaching 1,000 pounds lost already.”

For more information or to book a free assessment call Ewyn Weight Loss Stuiod in Port Elgin at 519-832-3996. Store hours are Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Saturday 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Ewyn Weight Loss Studios 560Ewyn Weight Loss Studios opened its doors August 8.

Supplements560The new store offers a range of all natural supplements, multi-vitamins and minerals.