Ayse560Ayse Hogan, owner of The Chakra House of Healing in Southampton.

FEBRUARY 1 UPDATE: Due to inclement weather during her grand opening, The Chakra House of Healing owner Ayse Hogan has planned a second event. The Open House will take place on Saturday, February 4 from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and will feature tea, coffee, morning snacks and a meet and greet. 

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Chakras, hypnosis, regression and past life, surrogacy healing, massage and Reiki; just some of the alternative and holistic therapies being offered at a new business opening in Saugeen Shores.

The Chakra House of Healing's grand opening is scheduled to take place on Friday, January 6 from 12 to 7 p.m. at its new Southampton location, 26 Grosvenor Street North, with a cake cutting ceremony at 12 noon and free service demonstrations throughout the day. It will open for business on Saturday, January 7.

“I love watching people get better,” said owner Ayse Hogan. “It's so rewarding, so gratifying to see people come into your life and they feel unhappy and they feel stuck and then within a few sessions I'm already seeing their posture change and their light; their eyes are brighter and they come in and they’re excited.”

Until now, Hogan has been operating out of Burlington, where she is originally from; and said that a lot of the people who come and see her have issues such as anxiety, depression or PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder). “We’re doing a lot of healing here, working with mind, working with body, working with spirit and our energy and really just understanding who we are, why we're here and giving people some purpose and getting them unstuck.”

Hogan said that her own past was difficult and that she got into alternative healing after her father passed away seven years ago. “It kind of sent me into a tailspin a little bit and everything that I had been suppressing had come up,” she said. “It was enough that I felt that I didn't want to wake up anymore. It all sort of surfaced all at once so I went out on my own journey.”

That journey began after Hogan went to Turkey to spread her father's ashes. There she met for the first time a cousin who was a Reiki Master and had some sessions with her. “The next morning everything kind of changed in my life, like everything shifted,” she said, adding that as soon as she got back home she found a Reiki Master and started taking lessons.

From there, Hogan got into hypnosis, both clinical and metaphysical, “everything from quitting smoking to past life regression”, then into Shamanic work.

Hogan said she wanted to have all of these certifications so that she could be one person that people could come to rather than going to several places and explaining what was wrong more than once. Also because of her own hardships, Hogan believes she understands what people are saying. “I get it, I understand it, I've been there and that's really nice to have somebody who sits across from you that gets it rather than somebody who book studied,” she said. “Nothing that anybody ever can say can ever really shock me.”

Hogan has created her own healing technique. Traditional and Wicca Integrated Shamanic Technique (TWIST) is a blended approach. “Inside one session we might be doing some muscle testing, we may be doing some hypnosis, we could be doing my own version of Reiki, we do some Shaman journeying. We’re doing a lot of stuff and I'm actually blending all this together,” she said.

Hogan maintains that if we first don't heal ourselves on an energetic level, then we won't heal. “Everything that happens to us happens to us on energy level first, nothing is physical first ever. If we don't deal with it on the energetic level then it’s just like going out to your lawn and ripping out a weed, it’s going to grow back. We have to go where the root of it is and pull it out from there,” she said, adding that every disease, whether physical or mental, comes from our energy first.”

In addition, Hogan said, people underestimate their subconscious mind and called it “their most valuable asset”. She used the analogy of planting a rose bush alongside a poisonous plant. “We give them both water and we give them both equal sunlight and love. They're both going to grow because mother earth doesn't care what we planted. Our subconscious is the same way. It doesn't understand the difference between a good belief and a bad belief, a good thought and a bad thought, so it's going to make it grow for you because it thinks you want it.”

Hogan said that the work she does is like weeding the garden. “It’s pulling out all those self limiting beliefs that we put in there and planting some really good stuff that's going to help them grow.”

She added that she can be as clinical or as spiritual as a client wants her to be. “I am not pushing my beliefs on anybody,” she said. “Some people are very clinical they don't want anything that's spiritual and that's ok we can do that or we can go right in there and get really spiritual. It’s up to the client and the reason why it’s up to the client is because you have the power to heal within you.”

Hogan said she doesn't like to be called a healer. “I'm just a facilitator, I'm not healing you, I don't walk up and smack you in the forehead and tell you that you're healed. I'm the navigator, you're driving the car, I'm asking you to turn right or to turn left, it is up to you whether you make that move or not,” she said. “Basically I’m just teaching people and getting them better in the meantime.”

Healing sessions are also offered online. “All the work that I do I can do online besides the massages,” said Hogan. “Get in front of me on video, those things don't matter. It’s still just as powerful because energy is energy and it doesn't understand space, so it doesn't understand the distance between you and me.”

Hogan said that she already has plans for Saugeen Shores. “I'm starting some meet-up groups here so we're going to do some meditative groups, some group healing, some Shaman circles, some drumming circles,” she said. “I'm also going to be starting up a networking group for other healers, so getting all holistic healers together because I'm all about referring to each other and really putting a community together and finding out what everybody else is doing.”

Hogan offers free 60 minute consultations. Appointments can be made at the clinic or on The Chakra House of Healing website.

Chakra House560The Chakra House of Healing, on Grosvenor Street North in Southampton, will hold its grand opening on Friday, January 6.