Cassidy 560Cassidy sisters, Becky (left) Hannah, and Rachel were among the 35 helpers on hand at the annual Sisters Warehouse Sale at the Southampton Coliseum.

Hub Staff

Sisters annual Warehouse Sale drew loads of savvy shoppers to the Southampton Curling Club, where the popular Southampton shopping experience, now in its 12th year, will be taking over until Sunday.

Hundreds of shoppers lined up before the doors opened on Friday, August 26 and Southampton summer residents, Heather Burling and her mother Margaret Davis of Newmarket were again first in line, with chairs and newspapers in hand.

The duo, dressed in Sister’s best, had been in line since 7:20 a.m., eagerly anticipating their shopping extravaganza that would take place at 9:00 a.m. when the doors opened. Heather Burling admitted that they were looking for “anything” and that Sisters owner Dolores Sullivan, who is “quite a businesswoman”, would have an excellent selection of items inside.

From couture pieces to winter and Mycra Pac coats for sale, shoppers would be able to cash out one of five stations as 35 helpers were ready to help eager shoppers. Sisters Warehouse continues until Sunday, August 28.

Heather marg 560Southampton summer residents Heather Burling and her mother Margaret Davis are always first in line for the Sisters annual Warehouse Sale.

sisters 560Hundreds of shoppers waited in line for the doors to open at the annual Sisters Warehouse Sale.Couture 560DSCF0250 560Hats 560DSCF0265 560