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Smith Layton

At the peak of Snow Mountain, Saugeen Shores Councillor Jami Smith sends her son Layton careening down the icy path carved out by Public Works. The annual Port Elgin BIA Snow Fest took place February 15 in Coulter Parkette.

Hub Staff

Snow Mountain made another appearance in Coulter Parkette in downtown Port Elgin on February as the Port Elgin BIA hosted the fourth annual Snow Fest.

The shining sun helped take the edge out of a chilling wind as local residents and visitors enjoyed all the activities that Snow Fest had to offer. Children kept warm playing road hockey, courtesy of Faith Lutheran Church Pastor Jason Ashby. A bubble station, ring toss games, snow painting and s’mores provided plenty of action for kids of all ages. Of course the main attraction was the towering snow hill, constructed by Public Works, there for children to slide down as much as their hearts desired.

BIA Co-ordinator Jordan MacKinnon stood tall on the peak of Snow Mountain to ensure the track stayed clear as children and adults whizzed down on the official Snow Fest crazy carpets. Phil MacKinnon kept the fire burning for hours of marshmallow roasting and Jeremy Kranenburg kept the snow paint flowing for all the young artists waiting to spray a masterpiece onto the mountain.

Everleigh Easton

Five year old Everleigh (left) and six year old Easton couldn’t hide the smiles behind the toasty s’mores at Port Elgin Snow Fest February 15. Phil MacKinnon (back) kept the fire going strong from 10am until 3pm in Coulter Parkette.

Madison Rebekah Madelyn

Classmates Madison (left), Rebekah (centre) and Madelyn (right) enjoyed the outdoor activities organized by the Port Elgin BIA for the fourth annual Snow Fest in downtown Port Elgin.


Charlie, age 5, expertly flings a ring into one of several games set up by the Port Elgin BIA for children to play at Coulter Parkette for Snow Fest 2020.


Elena and her grandson Arthur took part in the festivities in downtown Port Elgin February 15. Elena traveled from Kincardine and Arthur came from Toronto to conquer Snow Mountain.


20 month old Ayaan watched the bubbles take flight and pop in the cold February air at Snow Fest 2020 in Port Elgin.


Kayden, age 4, waves a bubble wand, releasing a serpent like bubble into Coulter Parkette at Snow Fest in Port Elgin February 15.


Volunteer Jeremy Kranenburg fills a bottle of paint for Lochlan, age 5, to create a masterpiece on the side of Snow Mountain at Port Elgin BIA's annual Snow Fest. 

Owen Landon

Friends Owen, age 6, and Landon, age 7, took many trips down the snow hill constructed by Public Works for the Port Elgin Snow Fest February 15 in Coulter Parkette.

Road Hockey

Pastor Jason Ashby from Faith Lutheran Church in Port Elgin supplied hockey sticks, goalie nets and balls for road hockey action February 15. Ashby runs a weekly road hockey pickup game in the church parking lot in the spring and summer.