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Balloon enthusiasts Corbin, Hailey and Tyler at the Bruce Power Block Party in downtown Port Elgin, July 21.

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Bruce Power drew thousands to downtown Port Elgin as the local nuclear power generator celebrated its 15th year of giving back to the community and its many employees as it hosted the Bruce Power Block Party. The free event featured a midway, snacks and performances by Zacada Circus School; and wrapped up with fireworks display set off from the Port Elgin Main Beach.

John Peevers, Bruce Power Manager of Communications and Media Relations, said that they were thrilled with the turnout just two hours into the party, admitting that everybody looked to be having a good time and that volunteers had already given out 5,000 corn dogs and reusable water bottles in the shape of a lightbulbs.

“It really is a thank you,” said Peevers for the reason behind the day. “From day one the community has supported Bruce Power. The community support is incredibly important to us. It’s for our workers as well and their families,” he added.

“I think we sometimes forget all the sacrifices people make to put in extra hours to work through holidays at times and it takes an understanding family,” Peevers explained. “It really is something where we hope our employees bring their families out as well and a way for us to say thanks,” he said.

The annual party, formerly called the Bruce Power Beach Party, alternates between Kincardine and Port Elgin and had been held at Port Elgin Main Beach in previous years. This year it was brought downtown as Bruce Power CEO Mike Rencheck thought it would be a good idea to bring people into the town’s core and help support local businesses, Peevers said.


Ava and Leia from Kitchener put their hands in the air as they zipped around the midway at the Bruce Power Block Party, July 21.

mike rencheck

Bruce Power CEO Mike Rencheck was on the block handing out free reusable water bottles.

christy kevin kelly

Christy Kelly and Kevin Kelly, Bruce Power’s Executive Vice President of Corporate Services, helped dole out reusable water bottles at the Bruce Power Block Party July 21


Many children were thrilled to go on a dragon ride which was part of the free midway at the Bruce Power Block Party July 21.

corn dogs

Caitlin Cobean Community Crusader (CCCC) members Elizabeth Ferenscsik and Angela Belair volunteered their time handing out free corndogs with many CCCC members also doing so.


Some kids got into a sticky situation at the Bruce Power Block Party.


The Zacada Circus School hosted shows throughout the day inside the Port Elgin Missionary Church at the Bruce Power Block Party July 21.


The Kinetic Knights from Kincardine helped many try to drive a Robot named Richard in downtown Port Elgin.