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It was all fun and laughter as these Grade 5 students descended the slippery slope together.

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As the warm sun shone down over Saugeen Shores on Friday, June 15, students and staff at GC Huston Public School in Southampton headed outside for some fun in the water for their annual Slip and Slide event.

With tarps stretching over 60 metres, Grade 8 students were armed with watering hoses and dish soap, helping to prepare a slippery slope for all grades.

“This is our third annual Slip and Slide,” said GC’s Principal Dan Russell. “It's become a GC Huston tradition,” he said, explaining that it was just a day of fun at the end of the school year.

Throughout the day students took their turn, grade by grade, taking part in the fun and laughter. “Each [student] gets about 45 minutes and that's the right amount of time,” said Russell.

Some of the teachers also joined in on the fun, heading down the hill alongside their students, big smiles on the faces of all.

This will be the last Slip and Slide event for GC Huston Principal Dan Russell as he heads to his new post at Alexandria Community School in Owen Sound this September.


The smile on Grade 2 student Tyler summed up the day for students and teachers at GC Huston Public School, June 15 at their annual Slip and Slide event.


It was all smiles and laughter for Laila (left) and Emily as they slid down the hill together.


GC Huston teacher Deb McKay was having as much fun as her students as she ventured down the hill with them.


Alayna (left) and Bryce hold onto each other as they slide down the flowing water at GC Huston's Slip and Slide event.


Stretching over 60 metres, students start their decent down the slippery slope at the Southampton public school.


Students and teachers alike had fun at GC Huston's Slip and Slide day, June 15.


Smiling all the way down, Grade 3 student Abby was having lots of soapy fun.


GC Huston teacher Taylor Risteen found herself full of suds at the bottom of the Slip and Slide hill.


Keeping his balance, Grade 5 student, Cullen sped down the slope at GC Huston's Slip and Slide event.


There was lots of laughter from Lilli (left) and Lidia as they slid down the hill.


Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's GC Huston teacher Keegan Elmore.


Scarlett flies down the slope at GC Huston.


There was a big smile on the face of Grade 5 student Ezra as he came to a stop at the bottom of the hill.


Brandi was having lots of fun at GC Huston's Slip and Slide day.


Teacher Enid Johnson was having as much fun as the students sliding down the slippery slope, June 15.


Sophia was making waves as she reached the bottom the hill.


Holding hands, friends (left to right) Owen, Charlie, Cullen, and Owen set off at the top of hill as they head down the slope together.


Aidan had a big smile on his face as he sped down the slippery slope.