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Grade 2 student, Eden Root performs a traditional dance at GC Huston Public School’s annual Pow Wow dance demonstration June 8.

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Dance and song took over the gymnasium at GC Huston Public School in Southampton, June 8 as the school held its annual Pow Wow dance demonstration.

Pow Wow organizer Crystal Kewageshig, an ECE at the school, explained that students known as the Soaring Hawk Dancers had been practicing every week since March Break for the demonstration. “Some of these dancers are Anishinaabe and some are not but that's ok because we all share something in common and that's the love for Pow Wow,” she said.

“Pow Wow time is the Anishinaabe way of getting together to join in dancing, singing, visiting, renewing old friendships, making new ones and, most importantly, celebrating and honouring traditions,” explained Kewageshig. “What we're doing here today is we're demonstrating some Pow Wow dance styles that you will see at Pow Wows,” she added.

To a packed gymnasium, the Soaring Hawk Dancers performed various Pow Wow styles including Jingle Dress, Fancy Shawl and Traditional accompanied by songs on the big drum by the GC Huston drum group led by Principal Dan Russell. Adult dancers as well as the girls’ drum group also performed.

Kewageshig said she wasn't a fan of the saying 'dance like nobody's watching'.

“Dance like everyone's watching,” she said. “Be proud of yourself for having the courage to dance in front of others.”

At the end of Pow Wow dance demonstration, Principal Dan Russell was honoured with a Pendleton blanket in recognition of his work and dedication to the school, its students and staff and surrounding communities.

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Jingle Dress Dancers

Soaring Hawk Dancers perform a Jingle Dress dance June 8 in the GC Huston Public School gymnasium.


Fancy Shawl dancer, Grade 1 student Keelan Roote on stage at GC Huston, June 8.


GC Huston's Soaring Hawk Dancers show off their colourful regalia and dance moves at their annual Pow Wow demonstration.


In the adult class, Lorne Pawis demonstrated a Warrior dance at the Southampton public school.

Caleb Vienne Rosalie Naawaka

Caleb Kewaquom, Vienne Hoy, Rosalie Catalan and Naawaka Roote performed a dance routine at the GC Huston Public School’s annual Pow Wow dance demonstration.


The girls drum group performed to a packed gymnasium June 8.

Courage Crystal

(Left) Principal Dan Russell on the big drum watches Senior Kindergarten student Courage Root as she dances. (Right) Pow Wow dance organizer Crystal Kewageshig in Pow Wow regalia stands with GC Huston Principal Dan Russell after he received a Pendleton blanket for his dedication to the school and community.