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The Saugeen District Secondary School Vocal Class performed alongside the Chantry Singers during the music department’s annual Spring concert, “Going, Going, Gold” May 2.

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A surprise performance, a musical announcement and the showcasing of four musical groups including the Gold level Kiwanis winning Brass Quintet and Senior Concert Band displayed their talents in front of family and friends as Saugeen District Secondary School (SDSS) presented “Going, Going, Gold” May 2 in the school’s cafetorium.

The Brass Quintet, the SDSS Vocal Class comprised of Grade 10 to 12, the Royal Big Band, and the Senior Concert Band, all conducted by Kerrie-Lynn Boys, performed multiple pieces including some songs that got the Gold at the Grey County Kiwanis Music Festival held in April.

The finale of “Going, Going, Gold” brought with it a surprise performance as the Chantry Singers joined the vocal class in their rendition of “Hymn to Freedom” accompanied by the Senior Band.

Boys remarked that the Senior Band had been meeting twice a week since September and made note of senior students who will be leaving the program once they graduate, thanking them all individually. Boys also made mention of two musicians involved in all four musical groups, Sasha Morano and Josh Lesperance, with a handful more participating in three.

Following the performances and with great flare and in costume, Drama Teacher Leslie Turcotte announced that the school’s drama department will be taking on the 1957 classic “The Music Man” for their 2019 Spring musical. The announcement was met with applause and excitement from the students.


The Brass Quintet won gold at the Grey County Kiwanis Music Festival in April, and performed two pieces at “Going, Going, Gold” May 2.

Sasha Riley Maddie

A song from the Royal Big Band saw Trumpeters Sasha Morano, Riley Funston (right) and Maddie Hobson on tenor saxophone perform solos.


Alto saxophone player and soon to be graduate Mike Lemcke with a solo, during “Going, Going, Gold” May 2.


The SDSS Vocal Class is comprised of students in grade 10 to 12 and performed three songs before their final performance, May 2.


Graduating student Carsyn Cassidy as she makes noise on percussion during the Senior Concert Band’s performance of “Land of the Midnight Sun”.


The Senior Concert Band stood for applause following their performance, May 2 at “Going, Going, Gold” in the SDSS Cafetorium.

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Following the joint musical efforts of the Chantry Singers, the SDSS Vocal Class and the SDSS Concert Band the musicians received a standing ovation from the crowd.

​Below, Going, Going, Gold was performed in the SDSS Cafetorium May 2 to an audience of family and friends. Seen in the video, Royal Big Band performs “Moondance”, Vocal Class with their rendition of “Siyahamba”, the Senior Band presents “Land of the Midnight Sun” and “This is Me” and the Vocal Class and Senior Band featuring The Chantry Singers, together perform “Hymn to Freedom”.