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Some Nights

The talented trio of Aliyah Petronski, Rishab Rowchowdhury, and Darragh Billings sang their version of Fun’s “Some Nights”.

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The Glee Club of Northport Elementary School hosted their annual Night of the Stars! concert May 3 under the direction of Learning Resource Teacher Jackie Ewing.

The evening was co-hosted by students Raina Shabnam and Carson McNeice who explained that the Glee Club was comprised of 33 students and that most of the evening's dance routines had been choreographed by the students themselves.

The show, consisting of 16 musical routines, began with a favourite from last year’s show with Rishab Rowchowdhury again singing One Republic's “Love Runs Out”, while Evrim Dereli, Emily Russett, Lauren Gilbert, Darragh Billings, and Hannah Meyer again performed a high energy dance routine.

From group routines to solo numbers the Glee Club members showcased their singing, dancing, and instrumental talents to a full house in the school’s auditorium. Family and friends were entertained with a variety of songs and routines from accapela numbers to retro dance routines to Rick Astley's “Never Gonna Give You Up”.

After receiving a standing ovation at the end of the show, the Glee Club members performed an encore for their teacher, Jackie Ewing, singing the very first song that they had performed with her as their Glee Club Director, One Republic's “Counting Stars”.

Ewing explained that some of the members had been with her since Grade 1. “They were in my Grade 1 class and that was the first year I started Glee Club,” she said. “Back then we did a three part harmony and we stood and we did a dance and we did one or two songs a year. So we've grown a little bit since then.”

Ewing went on to praise her students. “Who knew that Port Elgin had so much talent,” she said. “What a talented group of kids. These guys are exceptional. We started in October so that's a huge commitment and a lot of time and I'm so proud of them.”

Glee Club

The Glee Club Cougars performed their last song of the evening, One Republic's “Counting Stars”, for their director and teacher, Jackie Ewing.

Brock Sarah

Junior Glee Club members Brock Dickson and Sarah Vanhaelemeesch stepped up to the mic and, backed by senior club members, sang the Glee version of “True Colours”.


Glee Club girls performed a high energy dance to American boy band NSYNC's “Bye, Bye, Bye”.

Piano Medley

Michelle Wang on keyboard, along with Teagan Gottschalk and Lauren Gilbert, performed in a piano medley at Glee Club's Night of the Stars!


The boys from Glee, Finn Noel, Wilton Kahgee-Miller, Rishab Roychowdhury, Ryan Morley, and Abhi Shankar entertained the audience to Michael Jackson's “Bad”.

Hannah Darragh

Backed by other Glee Club members, Daragh Billings and Hannah Meyer sang Alessia Cara's “Scars to Your Beautiful”.