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Beauty and the Beast was performed by St Joseph’s students April 24.

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Students at St Joseph’s School in Port Elgin found adventure in the great-wide somewhere, when they performed their musical Beauty and the Beast to three different crowds, April 24.

A final performance will take place Wednesday evening, April 25 at St Joseph’s School at 7 p.m.

The actors who also sang and danced through a variety of musical numbers had many different costume changes and went through a variety of different sets from a small provincial town set in France to an enchanted castle.

The musical had plenty of volunteers who put in long hours to see this play to fruition and was directed and produced by St Joseph’s teachers Mme L. Wright and Mrs. MJ Hewitt.

Actors include:

Belle: Julia Trelford

Beast: Skylar Mayer

Gaston: Michael Feit

LeFou: Nick Meleskie

Lumiere: Abby Pilger

Cogsworth: Nadia Szulist

Mrs Potts: Maisie Druer

Chip: Amy Chin-Yut

Madame de la Grande Bouche: Kee Sartor

Babette: Sabra Cannon

Maurice: Charlie Kempers

Silly Girls: Georgia Alapajaro, Cassidy Belanger, Maeve Evans, Natalie Wild, Emily Miller, and Jie-Lynn Barrett

Monsieur D’Arque: Malcolm Cowley

Narrators: Halina Przybysz and Dylan Capstick

Enchantress: Emily Miller

Wolves: Christopher Heesakkers, Tori Matches, Keke Mayer, Sean-Patrick Sawyer

Villagers and Servant Ensemble: Claire Miller, Emma Aldridge, Teagan Verburg, Malcome Cowley, Padraig Barry-Murphy, Michael Heesakkers, Quinton Wilke, Julie Heenan, Megan Sheilds, Sean-Patrick Sawyer, Emma Mason, William Eagleson, Max Durer, Halina Przybysz, Aliesha Kosikar, Alyssa Moorehead, Madi Corbett, Mackenzie Ritchie, Tori Matches, Ella Stepaniak, Keke Mayer, Audrey Von Hotton, Katie Meleskie, Dylan Capstick, and Christopher Heesakkers.


Cogsworth played by Nadia Szulist, Beast played by Skylar Mayer and Lumiere played Abby Pilger were ready to perform in their enchanted castle, April 24.


Showing off his decorating skills was Gaston, played by Michael Feit.

silly girls

The Gaston fan club, known as the “silly girls”, during a performance of Beauty and the Beast, April 24.


Belle, played by Julia Trelford, with her father Maurice, played by Charlie Kempers.

mrs potts

Unhappy with her living quarters Belle, played by Julia Trelford, is comforted by Madame de la Grande Bouche, played by Kee Sartor (left) and Mrs. Potts, played by Maisie Druer (right).


Gaston showing off his biceps, did you know he’s got plenty to spare?


Belle, played by Julia Telford, before she rescues the Beast, played by Skylar Mayer, from the wolves, during St Joseph’s production of Beauty and the Beast, April 24.

Below, St Joseph’s actors performing “Be Our Guest” from their performance of Beauty and the Beast, April 24.