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epescs winterama rotary bearStudents from École Port Elgin Saugeen Central School (ÉPESCS) spent time in the sun and snow for their school’s Winterama-lympics and got to "chillout" with the yet to be named Rotary Winterama bear February 8.

Hub Staff

The students of École Port Elgin Saugeen Central School (ÉPESCS) showed pride and honour for their school as they participated in Olympic inspired schoolyard activities during the Winterama-lympics hosted by the 25 students of the school’s Me2We program.

The day saw teams consisting of students from Grades 1 through 8 battle it out in Tug-o-War, obstacle courses and Capture the Flag inspired games. The school’s Winterama-lympics comes just one day ahead of the Rotary Clubs’ 16th annual Winterama that will take place at various places including the Plex in Port Elgin on Saturday, February 10.

Many of the students at ÉPESCS have been fundraising for Winterama, proceeds for which go in support of youth programs in Grey and Bruce counties. All funds are spent locally with 40 percent of the money raised going back to schools and groups who participate in the winter festival. School breakfast programs see 30 percent of the money raised while the remaining 30 percent goes to local Rotary Club youth projects. In 2016 alone, Rotary Winterama raised $23,500 for local youth programs.

epescs winterama tug o warÉPESCS students worked together in an epic tug-o-war battle February 8 during their Winterama-lympics event.

travis epescsGrade 1 student Travis showed off his agility during a challenging obstacle course.

chicken epescsChloe (left) Keagan, and Aurora (right) had the very important task of keeping their team’s chicken safe in this Capture the Flag inspired game.

parachute epescsThe EPESCS students enjoyed this schoolyard staple during the schools Winterama-lympics, February 8.

fish and min epescsSome stealthy students avoided capture in the “Fish and Minnows” game.

big feet epescsThe “big foot” apparatus was one of the harder parts of ÉPESCS’s Winterama-lympics obstacle course.