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Local community choirs consisting of Chantry Singers, A Cappella and Allegro were pleased to have the Ontario Youth Choir perform at the Port Elgin United Church on Saturday, August 22.

The Ontario Youth Choir is made up of some of Ontario's finest young singers, ages 16 to 23, who are active choristers in school and community choirs and come together every summer to sing in the prestigious choir. The conductor for 2015 season was Bob Anderson. 'Mr. A' holds Bachelor of Music and Education degrees from the University of Western Ontario, and a Master's Degree in Vocal Performance from the University of Cincinnati and is known for his work with the Cawthra Park Secondary School Chamber Choir.

From a press release to The Hub, “This year’s programme explores the theme of “Then and Now” through the lense of time. Time is malleable. Time is relative to a particular point of view. Time can take both a short-term and long-term look at our lives.”

“This was a great experience from start to finish,” says Carole Anderson, Ontario Youth Choir Chair and member of the Choirs Ontario Board of Directors, in an email to The Hub. “We were welcomed and celebrated ... Congrats to the Choirs of Saugeen Shores!”

Saugeen Shores was one of three performances for the Ontario Youth Choir in as many nights. The first was in London the Friday and then following Saugeen Shores, the choir traveled to Toronto for a performance on the Sunday evening.choirchoirinpurplesmilechoir pre