policeline 560Open letter to Saugeen Shores Council,

The public is patiently waiting for a response to the request I made to Saugeen Shores Council regarding an OPP (Ontario Provincial Police) costing. There is no cost or commitment on this request and it is the only way that the electorate will be provided with a true comparison as to the cost of our present service by our local police force.

It is interesting to note that the cost of the OPP in Kincardine has decreased by $160,000 in the last five years while our costs for our police have increased by $320,000. This information was obtained from the treasurers of both communities.

May I remind council of the silent majority who find it very difficult to keep their heads above water and deserve to be able to afford to continue to live in our community as well as the elite. Please keep the increase in the budget for 2017 at least to inflation.

Arthur C. Knechtel,
Former Mayor and Chair of Police Services Board, Southampton