Michael Smith CanvasFollowing his August 18 sunset performance, Southampton’s Sunset Piper Michael Smith (centre) was presented with a photograph on canvas of himself piping down the sun in 2016. Taken by photographer Kerry Jarvis (right), the photograph had recently hung in Scott Saunders’ (left) Southampton Re/Max office.

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For the past 13 summers Owen Sound’s Michael Smith has been piping down the sun every Friday night as Southampton’s Sunset Piper. Smith, who is now 25, has made strong connections within the community and has become synonymous with Southampton’s summer season.

On August 18, as the sun disappeared over the horizon, Smith was presented with a gift from local real estate agent Scott Saunders and local photographer Kerry Jarvis. The two gave Smith a canvas photo of himself piping down the sun. The canvas once hung in Saunders’ Southampton Re/Max Land Exchange office and had caught Smith’s eye while previously visiting the office.

Smith was truly surprised to be given the canvas and said the photo will hang in his apartment in Toronto when he returns back to his university studies in September.

“I didn't expect that tonight so it’s always nice to get a little present,” said Smith August 18. “I know my girlfriend loved it so it will be going somewhere on the wall.”

Smith said he had considered trying to acquire a copy of the photo from Jarvis and then “somehow figure out how he got it on the canvas.”

“Now I don’t have to,” he joked.

Smith added there hasn't been a rainout since he started piping in Southampton 13 years ago and added there is always a good turnout. “Everyone loves to come out and I appreciate it each year.” Smith will be playing the last two Friday nights in August and said he does play by request “Amazing Grace” and “Happy Birthday.”

“And I get a lot of dancers who come on the beach every few weeks so I’ll play them ‘The Fling,’” he said, adding that he also sometimes plays “Flower of Scotland” for his Scottish listeners or “Danny Boy” for his Irish ones.

Michael Smith Sunset PiperAs has been tradition for 13 summers, Sunset Piper Michael Smith piped down the sun Friday night, August 18 under the big flag in Southampton.


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