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A letter from Saugeen First Nation Chief Lester Anoquot to Mayor Mike Smith was presented to Saugeen Shores Council at the June 12 Committee of the Whole meeting in which he expressed that Saugeen First Nation (SFN) was interested in “actively engaging” the Saugeen Shores Police to provide policing services to the SFN community.

The letter described context of a previous preliminary conversation with between Saugeen First Nation Band Administrator and Mayor Smith, Police Board Chair, Deputy Mayor Luke Charbonneau, Police Chief Dan Rivett and Town CAO David Smith.

“We have this letter before us tonight...I think it’s a great opportunity to hopefully partner with our community neighbours to the north and share our services,” said Smith during the June 12 meeting. He said that negotiations need to take place and should be done by Saugeen Shores Police Chief Dan Rivett and Town CAO David Smith.

Police Board member, Councillor Dave Myette told councillors that he read a proposal that read that the police service extension would be “cost neutral” and “wouldn’t be taking on a financial burden.” He went on to ask if the presiding Ontario Provincial Police (O.P.P.) records would be made available, with Mayor Smith explaining that this was just a preliminary conversation. The councillor and police board member hoped that if Saugeen Shores Police took over policing in Saugeen First Nation that the force could still continue to have good relations with the OPP

During the conversation Councillor Neil Menage asked if the decision would be made by 2018, with Mayor Smith saying that it was the desire of Town staff and Chief Anoquot that if it were to go ahead the transition would take place by the end of 2017.

Smith directed a motion to continue talks and called it a “great opportunity.”


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