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Saugeen Shores Council has voted in favour of pursuing a new police station build on municipally owned land at the corner of Concession 10 and Mackenzie Road, with a quoted cost of $6.8 million per a third party review, during the June 12 Committee of Whole whole meeting.

The decision comes after months of discussions, public meetings and a staff report as well as comparisons between renovating the current facility and a new build with the cost difference of approximately $100,000.

A staff report prepared by CAO David Smith listing advantages and disadvantages of a new build versus a renovation was presented to councillors. The new build offered more advantages including predicable costs and construction schedule with no impact on police services during construction as well as modern design that can accommodates best practice. The new build was also recommended by police services and police services board.

The renovation saw only two advantages which included making use of current land and keeping it in proximity to the Plex.

During discussions it was also highlighted that the current Saugeen Shores Police Station could possibly be repurposed into office space. It was also noted that the Town will go forward with a levy approach, which would see the average household contribute $63 per year for approximately 20 years to pay for the projected 6.8 million dollar build.

Vice Deputy Mayor Diane Huber hoped that in future discussions there would be more offered in terms of financial details. “To be fair to tax payers, I would hope that the next time perhaps when we see something about this sort of thing that we have, perhaps, a little more complete financial picture,” said Huber. She later said that it would be a healthy discussion and, “perhaps show, for some people, that it’s a good value for the money and, if not, we can have the discussion then.”

Town CAO David Smith noted to councillors that the once discussed idea of combining Saugeen Shores Police Services and Bruce County EMS is “no longer on the table” as the 4.75 acre lot would not fit both parties. Also, the county was not interested in leasing land across the street from the county owned library lot

Member and Police Board Chair, Deputy Mayor Luke Charbonneau said that although there are still good questions that “do not have answers,” he thought that the staff report laid out a “good process of getting to the point, to answering questions,” and that staff and council can work through the process.


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