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kate burridge macdonald

Kate Burridge-MacDonald (left), winner of the Cross Country Canada Jackrabbit Toque Design contest with her father, Jason MacDonald.

Hub Staff

The artwork of seven year old Kate Burridge-MacDonald has been chosen to adorn the toques worn by over 10,000 jackrabbit skiers as they glide across ski trails all over Canada. Earlier this year Burridge-MacDonald entered the Jackrabbit Toque Design contest organized by Cross Country Canada (CCC). She has been a skier for five years and travels province wide with her family, hitting the trails several times a week during the winter.

As a CCC Jackrabbit, Burridge-MacDonald has started to learn the more difficult skate skiing technique. “When I skate ski I get worn out in like five or 10 minutes," she said.

Burridge-MacDonald was pleasantly surprised by the win. Having entered the contest in past years, she wasn't expecting her drawing to be chosen. While she agreed she would proudly wear her toque, Burridge-MacDonald said she wouldn't tell people it was her design. "No, that would be like bragging," she stated modestly.

art entry

The winning drawing for the Jackrabbit Toque Design contest, drawn by Port Elgin resident Kate Burridge-MacDonald.