IMG 8912Saugeen Shores Lifesaving Club senior athletes who travelled to Nova Scotia to compete at the 2015 Canadian Surf Lifesaving Championships are home and their bags are a little heavy with all the extra sand and hardware they brought home. The team consisted of McLean Reid, Michael Bohnert, Tyler Donaldson, Chris Stoner, Mackenzie Salmon, Michael Hundt and Team Manager, Karen Gill.

McLean Reid won bronze in the 16 - 19 Men's Board Race and Surf Ski Race and won gold in the 16 - 19 Men's Oceanman Race.

Mackenzie Salmon won silver in the Open Men's Surf Swim.

Both the 16 - 19 men (Tyler Donaldson & McLean Reid) and open men (Mackenzie Salmon & Chris Stoner) Board Rescue teams claimed silver in their race.

In Oceanman Relay, the team of Chris Stoner (board), Mackenzie Salmon (swim), Michael Hundt (surf ski) and Tyler Donaldson (sprint) won silver in the open men's division. In the Rescue Tube Rescue the team of Chris Stoner (swimmer), Mackenzie Salmon (rescuer), Mike Bohnert (dragger) and Michael Hundt (dragger) won gold in the open men's division.

Athletes would like to send a huge thank you out to Karen Gill for managing the team at Nationals, ensuring that athletes had lots to eat and drink, as well as everything that they needed to race for the weekend. Athletes would also like to thank Doug Bohnert, Carlin Reid and Shanna
Reid for officiating at the championships, Without you we would not be able to compete. Finally athletes would like to thank parents, family, friends and the community for the support that they have shown to all Lifesaving Sport athletes over the years, without the ongoing support that
SSLC receives we could never have achieved the accomplishments that we have.IMG 8903IMG 8895IMG 8889IMG 8780IMG 8735