letter 560


The first letter to the editor I saw taking the naysayers to task was written by Bill Streeter.

See: Change should be welcomed and the institute embraced, says this reader

I told Bill the following day that I enjoyed reading his carefully worded presentation on something that needed to be said. Bill’s arguments in support of the Institute have more recently been expanded by our mayor-elect, vice-deputy mayor elect, Southampton's BIAPort Elgin's BIA, and the Southampton Residents' Association, to name a few. Writers have made strong statements, calling for a hub vision with the museum as a working partner, and calling on the silent majority to make their voices heard in support of this great community opportunity.

My wife and I want to add our voices in support of the Institute finding a home next to the Museum in Southampton.

Don’t let this chance to add to the future of our town escape. Please step up and add your support.

Barry McKenzie

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