Dear Editor,

During this election, I hope community members will question potential leaders about improving access to life-saving medication for children.

Drugs for diseases like cystic fibrosis (CF) can cost up to $300,000 a year for families. Most drug plans - if they even cover such drugs - will tap out after a short period of time.

Orkambi significantly improves lung function, reduces the number of lung flare-ups, and improves the nutritional status of people who have two copies of the most common mutation of CF.

Orkambi has been approved by Health Canada for over two years, but the government still hasn’t made the decision to fund this medication and make it accessible for people who need it most.

Our 5 year-old granddaughter Lucy and so many others have the right to feel healthy and not fight constantly to stay out of hospital.

Please keep Lucy in mind when you speak with the candidates.

Thank you,
Pat Sanagan