Plex3 560Editor,

A recent Market Street development proposal currently planned for Saugeen Shores Council approval on September 12 could reduce residential lot frontage requirements down to as narrow as 40 feet and potentially set precedent that could increase the number of houses on your street.

The development proposal is seeking amendments to current by-laws to approve the operation of a Market Street house containing four rental units, but also allow for the creation of two additional small lots for construction of further housing. If you have recently driven down Market Street towards the beach you may have already noticed property where large healthy maple trees have been cut down in preparation to create small separate lots to accommodate additional housing.

The development proposal has been narrowly passed through the Saugeen Shores Planning Committee, but only after earlier meetings have seen two previous proposals declined. It was only recently passed as a result of the Planning Advisory Committee Chair voting to break a tie in what was a split decision among Committee members.

This is a contentious issue affecting Market Street residents as it significantly changes the character of the entire neighbourhood for the sake of profit for another. Efforts are currently underway to voice concerns to Saugeen Shores Council at the next meeting on September 12.

If you feel this is an issue you are interested in, please come out and help support stopping the proposed by-law amendments and ensure precedent is not set to create these small lot sizes in your neighbourhood.

The next Council meeting is to be held on September 12 at 7:30 p.m. at Saugeen Shores Municipal Building, The Plex.

For further details, visit http://www.saugeenshores.ca/en/our-town-hall/Meetings.asp.

Dan McArthur,

Saugeen Shores