election 2018

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Why seek nomination?

I see this as a natural evolution of my work of supporting and giving back to my community that I began when I returned to my home town of Port Elgin in August of 1989 after a successful career in marketing, public relations and communications.

What is my experience working in the Municipality for residents, local businesses and our visitors?

After 29 years of professional, community and volunteer work for various local and regional organizations, and local businesses; and as a member of eight Town committees, Port Elgin’s Tourism Coordinator for six years; and successfully aiding in the branding and promotion of several local events and festivals; participating in several successful fundraising campaigns for both Port Elgin and Southampton it is time to go to the next level – Town Councilor for the Port Elgin ward.

I look forward to engaging in this political process and connecting with voters. My experience as an advocate and supporter of both local businesses and various demographics of residents of Saugeen Shores from various backgrounds has pushed me to want to give back even more to the community in a larger leadership role.

Who am I representing?

As a candidate I know that I support all of our community's residents who range from lifelong residents to those who bring a fresh perspective from elsewhere. I also recognize our residents are of all ages, incomes, backgrounds and views. I want to represent all sectors of our community with open communication and as always with integrity and pride of being from a great community – Saugeen Shores.

How will the residents of Saugeen Shores benefit from nominating me?

“We Not Me” has been and is my approach to helping others and my community using my skills, talents with those of others to create something greater. In the past 29 years any business, organization, event, project, fundraiser, committee or festival I worked with or was employed by had to have a goal or purpose of making my community better. As a councillor I hope to be part of a team made up of you the residents, town staff, Councillors, Mayor and local businesses to continue to enhance and make our community better for all.

A mentor long ago introduced me to a philosophy created by Dr. Stephen R. Covey that I have followed throughout my life both professionally and personally.... “You choose to combine your talents with those of others, creating something greater as a result. You say, together we can do it; we’re better off together than alone; let’s figure out what’s best for both of us – all of us”

In my term as Town Councilor I will strive to seek mutual benefit of all parties involved by showing a high degree of courage and consideration in every relationship – and of every relationship.

“Courage is the willingness and ability to speak your thoughts respectfully. Consideration is the willingness and ability to seek and listen to others’ thoughts and feelings with respect.”

Bottom line: Change cannot happen without participation and a voice from all residents. I want to be your voice and speak for you. As your representative I will listen to you respectively, and communicate with others on your behalf respectively for the benefit of all parties involved. I want to help you as a resident and/or business owner create the type of community and town that you will take pride in. A town where you don’t just live and do business – but a town where we all thrive and live a lifestyle envied by other communities.

My purpose and reason for running for Council?

I value and remain committed personally and professionally to protecting the inherent quality of life that makes Saugeen Shores an admired and much sought after destination to work, play and live! I believe that by working together we can meet the needs of all individuals – and not just one or two large sectors of the population or the loudest voices. All residents need to be heard.

I love my community – that is the reason I have chosen to remain here – to work here – to volunteer. It is this love of my community that has compelled me to seek nomination.

What's Next?

I will be arranging early morning coffee and evening "Meet Mini – The Candidate" events throughout Port Elgin. Watch Facebook and local papers and on-line news outlets for details and times.

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