election 2018

paul seaman

My name is Paul Seaman, I'm 37 years old and a lifelong resident of Saugeen Shores. I live in Port Elgin with my beautiful wife and two daughters aged 12 and 10. I have no formal political experience; I've never held a position on town council. There was no single moment or issue that caused me to become interested in running for council. Rather, there have been several issues and decisions in town that I struggled to understand. Instead of complaining about the status quo, I decided to put my money where my mouth is and get involved.

I'm offering to be a voice of common sense. From my experience there are a large number of residents in my demographic who don't feel their interests and voices are heard and represented. As a lifelong resident I have a firsthand understanding of what its like to be a student, parent and coach in this town. I don't have a grandiose platform and I'm not going to wow anyone with any long winded speeches or essays. I'm simply going to do my best and be a voice of reason.

I fully understand that that I must (and will) represent all residents of Port Elgin. That said; the issues that I am passionate about are;

* Helping to ensure the new outdoor recreation complex is built properly and as quickly as possible (no shortcuts or cutting scope).

* Investigating how much beach grass can be removed from the main beach without causing significant environmental damage.

* Helping to ensure all options are explored in building a new pool as quickly as possible.

* Removing red tape and obstruction when our local businesses want to hold special events (festivals, concerts, etc.)

I am passionate about our town and couldn't be happier to live here. If elected I will do the best I can to ensure our town balances the needs of our local residents, supporting sustainable growth and maintaining the character and charm of Port Elgin.

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There is no podcast available for Paul Seaman. Small Star Network provided each municipal candidate with equal opportunity to participate however a response was not received in time for publishing.