election 2018

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My name is Jami Smith and I love this town! Saugeen Shores has been a fantastic community to grow up in and has been a phenomenal place to raise my young family. It is time I give back to the community that has given so much to me.

My family has been actively involved in politics in this area for generations. My Grandfather, Kent Lamont was a School Board Trustee. My Great-Grandfather Donald Lamont served as Warden of Bruce County Council. My maternal Grandfather, Art Speer was Reeve of Tara, and Warden of Bruce County.

Initially this inspired me to study Political Science at the University of Western Ontario. Furthermore, it encouraged me to get involved in my community as a volunteer. I see the role of councillor as a natural progression from my role as an active community member. I think that we have an extraordinary community and I believe that everyone shares in the responsibility to continually improve the community where we live. I am excited about the possibility to make a difference in my community for my family, friends and neighbours.

Having been raised in Saugeen Township and having strong family ties to Southampton, I feel very well positioned to represent the interests of Saugeen Shores in its entirety. I see three major themes in Saugeen Shores in this upcoming municipal election. I believe I am the strong and accountable voice Saugeen Shores needs to efficiently and collaboratively address these topics;

Improving Quality of Life

This is an exciting time to be part of the Saugeen Shores community. Our community is growing. As a Port Elgin Ward Councillor, I will focus on infrastructure to make sure that we have the capacity to sustain and improve our quality of life. We need to ensure that our residential neighbourhoods have the services they require and that our assets are cared for for generations to come. Like in chess – you cannot simply respond to your opponent’s move. We need a local government that is proactively looking for efficient solutions and strategically planning to maintain fiscal responsibility.

We need to position ourselves as the community of choice for new residents and visitors alike. We can do this by working with our community groups to offer events and programming for all citizens, including children and seniors. I am committed to making real progress with the much needed recreational facility improvements and construction.

Our Tourism portfolio is booming. We need to continue to nurture, promote and enhance our natural resources to maintain Saugeen Shores as a destination of choice not only locally, but provincially and nationally as well. As a councillor I would bring an out of the box, creative style of thinking when culminating our long term strategy for enhancing our visitors experience while staying true to our local needs.

Driving Local Economy & Advocating for Businesses

Saugeen Shores is a desirable place to do business. I am thrilled with the prospect of establishing an efficient municipal government that embraces progress and strives to improve services that encourage businesses to set up and prosper in Saugeen Shores. We must continue to support Canada’s world class nuclear operator, Bruce Power and it’s strategic partners in the Major Component Replacement. Finally, to assist community groups with special events and attractions to solidify Saugeen Shores' footprint as a top destination.

Personally, I have strong ties to the small business community, as both of my parents have owned and operated small businesses in Saugeen Shores for 30 plus years. We need municipal leadership that can engage with and encourage local businesses. We have a very diverse and unique entrepreneur community in Saugeen Shores, as an elected official I look forward to embracing and supporting them.

Accountable Representation

Our municipal government needs to achieve a fine balance between meeting the everyday needs of today, while developing the vision of a future far beyond the next four years. I’m reminded of a favourite quote by author Simon Sinek, “Leadership is not about the next election, it’s about the next generation”.

Saugeen Shores is the fastest growing community in our region and has been named one of the best places to live in Canada. A highly efficient and effective leadership team is necessary to support a strong and vibrant Saugeen Shores in the future. Those elected will be responsible for enacting policies that will affect generations of residents into the future. As your Port Elgin Ward Councillor, I will give 110% to represent the best interests of our citizens.

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