July 12, 2015

At 3pm, police attended at a motor vehicle collision at the intersection of Bricker and Market Street. A vehicle travelling east bound on Market Street failed to yield to a vehicle that was south bound on Bricker Street. The driver of the first vehicle was charged with Fail to Yield under the Highway Traffic Act. The second driver suffered minor injuries.

In the evening police received two theft complaints from Walmart. In the first incident, two male suspects left the store with electronic items. They were confronted by staff and refused to stop. Police have a vehicle licence plate and video.

In the second incident a male attempted to leave the store with a cart of merchandise, when confronted by staff the suspect left the cart and fled.

Both incidents are under investigation.

At 10pm, police received a complaint of a theft of items from a boat on Alice Street in Southampton. Sometime between July 8th and 12th, two boats were entered and a wooden helm, brass bells, tools and a depth gauge were stolen. The value of the theft is approximately $2000 as some of the items were antique.


July 11, 2015

Police are investigating a harassing phone call that was made to a restaurant in Port Elgin. The callers, believed to be young males, used profanity and derogatory comments towards the staff member. The phone number was captured on call display and police are investigating.

At 6pm, police attended a two vehicle collision in the area of High and Grosvenor Streets in Southampton. A vehicle reversing from a parking spot struck a vehicle which was west bound on High Street. The driver reversing was charged under the Highway Traffic Act. There were no injuries.

At 11pm, police attended a residence on Harbour Street to stand by and keep the peace while a tenant moved out. On arrival, police officers noted an odour of marijuana in the patio area. Police seized a quantity of dried marijuana and hashish. A male, age 25, from Saugeen Shores was charged with Possession of a Controlled Substance. A second male, age 46, from Saugeen Shores was charged with Possession, Possession for the purpose of Trafficking and Trafficking a Controlled Substance.


July 10, 2015

An officer from Saugeen Shores attended and assisted the Grey County OPP with RIDE checks in the area of the Holstein Rodeo in Grey County. This was part of a local Joint Traffic Initiative in which area municipal police services and OPP detachments pool resources to conduct RIDE and traffic enforcement usually during significant events. The joint RIDE checks were hosted in Saugeen Shores during the May 17th long weekend River Run.


July 8, 2015

At 5pm, police received a report of a theft from Walmart. A male and female were able to leave the store with a cart of merchandise. They returned to the store a short time later and attempted to leave with two carts of merchandise. Store staff confronted the couple. One of the carts was left in the parking lot and the second cart was recovered in the area of the traffic lights at the property entrance. Police have video of the incident and are investigating to determine the identity of the involved persons.

Police attended a motor vehicle collision on Highway 21 in front of Lord Elgin’s Fish and Chips. Both vehicles were south bound and one attempted to make a left turn and struck the other vehicle. The driver in the process of turning was charged with Turn not in safety, contrary to the Highway Traffic Act.

Police conducted RIDE checks at 4:30pm at Bruce Road 17. Three Highway Traffic Act warnings were issued.


July 6, 2015

Police received a report from Saugeen Shores Works department staff about marijuana plants found growing on Municipal property in the area of the 10th Concession. Police attended and pulled a number of three foot tall plants.


Animal Complaints

Now that the weather has heated up, police are receiving numerous complaints about animals being left unattended in vehicles. Please remember that the interior of a vehicle heats up to extreme temperatures very quickly and it is unsafe to leave a pet unattended in a vehicle for even a short period of time.

Police have also received a number of complaints of dogs attacking other dogs. Please make sure your dog is under control at all times and please be aware that your dog must be on leash at all times unless on your property or at the off leash park.

I attended a meeting of the Port Elgin and Saugeen Beachers’ Association on July 11th. There was much concern expressed from the residents in attendance about the issue of dogs on the beach. In Saugeen Shores dogs are not permitted on the beach between June and October. Dogs are allowed to be walked along the Promenade at Port Elgin beach and the Boardwalk in Southampton but must be on a short leash and are not permitted to go onto the beach area. If you want to give your dog an opportunity to cool off in the water, dogs are permitted in the gravel shore area at North Shore Park in the area near the boat launch. The fine for having your dog in a prohibited area is $100. The fine for not cleaning up after your dog is $205.