Launch FullHub Staff

Bruce County Museum & Cultural Centre opened its doors with free admission on July 4th from 10am to 12pm, to celebrate the museum's 60th anniversary and the launch of its 60 Years: 60 Objects exhibit.

Along with viewing the exhibit, families were able to participate in such things as playing traditional games outside and visiting the School House for crafts.

The Women's Institute members were serving lemonade outside at the log house and Tim Horton's coffee and Saffron's 'Southampton Cake' was available complimentary inside the Centre.

'Southampton Cake' is described as a dense cake with ingredients such as orange peel, nutmeg, walnuts and raisins, for which Saffron staff found a recipe in a book called 'The Patriotic Cookbook,' published in 1915. They thought it a fitting desert for the museum's 60th anniversary celebrations.

The objects chosen for the 60 Years: 60 Objects exhibit represent the people, stories and history of Bruce County and includes rarely viewed and favourite artifacts from the last six decades.

Boards on the walls compliment the objects by listing significant events from each of the past decades with regards to the museum, the County of Bruce and worldwide, ranging from the 50s through to the 90s and into the new millenium to current day. From the establishment of the museum in 1955 to "O Canada" being officially proclaimed Canada's National Anthem in 1980 and the Non-Smoking By-Law adopted by Bruce County in 2002.

The exhibit will run at Bruce County Museum & Cultural Centre until Labour Day.