trans colours

Hub Staff

Kincardine Pride announced Friday that they are marking the Transgender Day of Remembrance by flying the Transgender flag at Municipality of Kincardine's community flagpole at the Kincardine branch of the Bruce County Library November 18 to 25.

The Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR) is held November 20 and follows Transgender Awareness Week which is observed November 13 to 19. TDOR commemorates trans, Two-Spirit, non-binary, and gender diverse people who have lost their lives to transphobic violence, as well as honouring those who continue to face violence and discrimination as they work for equal rights and a just society.

TDOR observance began in 1999 in recognition of the 1998 murder of Rita Hester, a Black trans woman and activist who was stabbed 20 times in her Massachusetts apartment.

“Developing an understanding of the diversity in our community helps us become aware, rethink our assumptions, creates allyship, and fosters a sense of connection with each other,” said Kincardine Pride's Sandy Blackwood.

For more information about Trans Awareness Week or the Transgender Day of Remembrance, visit and