covid 19

Effective today, Tuesday, March 1, proof of vaccination will no longer be required for patrons 12 and over to enter municipally-run facilities or participate in municipally-run programs. The move is in line with the provincial government's reduction in public health measures.

Other changes taking effect today include increasing indoor capacities to 100 percent and moving from active to passive screening in recreational and event settings. Signage will be posted within and at the entrances of facilities informing the public on how to screen themselves before entering and listing symptoms to be aware of. Patrons should not enter or participate if they have COVID-19 symptoms; and are reminded to follow the self-isolation requirements and self-monitoring recommendations set by the province.

Mask and face coverings continue to be required in all indoor settings unless otherwise stated or where exemptions apply.

"Patrons are reminded that everyone plays a role in keeping our recreation environments safe for our residents, employees and visitors," read the March 1 media release from the Town of Saugeen Shores. "When attending these places and activities, please demonstrate respect for yourself, respect for others and take responsibility for your actions."