jigsaw puzzle

Photo by Nathalia Segato on Unsplash

The Rotary Club of Southampton is excited to announce that it is launching a range of Rotary branded jigsaw puzzles for sale in the Fall of 2021. In a May 29 media release, the puzzles will feature sites that typify Southampton and the Rotary Club is looking for suitable high quality original digital images.

The net proceeds from the sale of the puzzles will be used to fund Rotary projects.

The entry must include:

1) A high-resolution digital photo suitable for use on a 17 inch by 11 inch jigsaw puzzle
2) An imaginative title for the photo and the reason why they choose the specific scene
3) A short photographer bio of not more than 150 words
4) A headshot portrait photo of photographer

Entries can be submitted by June 25th to rotary1938@gmail.com with “Puzzle 2021 Photo Competition” added as the subject line.

The winning entry will receive a Gift Certificate of $50 Chamber dollars and a complimentary jigsaw.

Full competition rules can be found at southamptonrotary.com/stories/jigsaw-puzzle.