ccv southview

Cedar Crescent Village concept design, south view, by G.M. Diemert Architect Inc.

Hub Staff

The Port Elgin Beach Preservers are sponsoring a community survey in hopes of assessing public opinion regarding the most recent concept plans for Cedar Crescent Village.

(To view the plans, visit, under #7 'Report of Municipal Officers / Committees', scroll to 7.5, 'Protective Services', 'Staff Report - Cedar Crescent Village'.)

The survey poses questions around issues such as the size and scope of CCV, building heights, village location and preferences for site amenities.

"Great care was taken to provide unbiased questions for the respondents," said Patricia Frank, PEBP spokesperson, in correspondence to Saugeen Shores Hub, adding that questions regarding future guidance to council, staff and project proponents in developing the final site plan were also included.

Frank said PEBP members think readers "need to understand the magnitide of the change this will bring to the Port Elgin Beach, both physically and environmentally." Frank added that "it has never been demonstrated that the majority of the citizens of Saugeen Shores are in favour of a project of this size and scope on our waterfront."

At the time of correspondence, Frank said that 77% of survey respondents were either full time residents or property owners in Saugeen Shores while 23% were visitors to Port Elgin.

Anyone wishing to complete the survey can do so here:

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