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The newly formed Saugeen Shores Rotary Club aims to strengthen community efforts in the community.

Hub Staff

The rapid growth in the community of Saugeen Shores is undeniable and many local organizations are adapting to meet the expanding needs. Two long standing Rotary Clubs, Port Elgin and Southampton, have welcomed a newly banded Saugeen Shores Rotary Club (SSRC) to further the impact Rotary has within the community.

The SSRC is comprised of 32 charter members and inducted their first non-charter member during a virtual meeting March 18. The meeting was mediated by Club President Pat O’Connor and a former District Governor for District 6330, Diane Chantler was present to induct Saugeen Shores resident Kelsey Kelly.

“Today you will become part of 57 clubs in our district which is 1,640 members of District 6330,” said Chantler. “You are now at this very moment, the newest Rotarian in the world." The announcement was followed by a show of jazz hands from fellow Club members.

“I will admit that I didn’t know much about Rotary when Addison [Ziegler] suggested it,” confessed Kelly, “but since attending the first meeting I have been welcomed with open arms and was thrilled to see the wide reach and variety in areas that Rotary contributes to ” she said.

“What is delightful for our club,” said O’Connor, “is that we have so many younger members with families that have joined our family in Saugeen Shores... and with the addition of Kelsey to our family it’s going to be truly remarkable.”

Items on the agenda included upcoming events such as multiple Earth Day community cleanups on April 24, a family photoshoot fundraiser by Jennifer O’Reilly, and plans for an inaugural Corn Roast.

Membership Chair Ed Braun expressed his view on the new Rotary Club in a March 23 conversation with Saugeen Shores Hub, saying the collaboration of the three clubs together will only strengthen Rotary efforts in Saugeen Shores and described a unified Rotary front that can better benefit the community. “It doesn’t matter who you donate to,” clarified Braun, “it all goes to the same place, back to the community."

Anyone wishing to find out more about becoming a member can email Ed Braun at or follow the Saugeen Shores Rotary Club on Facebook at