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kevin zettel

Kevin Zettel was sworn in as Chief of Police with Saugeen Shores Police Service during a Board meeting November 18. Zettel has been Acting Chief since August 2020 and assumed the role of Chief November 2.

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In 2003, Kevin Zettel joined the Saugeen Shores Police Service. Within seven years Zettel was promoted to Sergeant and in 2018 he took over as Inspector following the retirement of Inspector Ken McCulloch.

In June 2020, Zettel continued to rise through the ranks with a promotion to Deputy Chief, only to find himself stepping into Acting Chief in August with the resignation of Chief Mike Bellai. Soon after, the Saugeen Shores Police Services Board (SSPSB) made the decision to offer Zettel the permanent position of Chief of Police, to which Zettel accepted and officially stepped into his new role on November 2, 2020.

Chief Zettel was sworn in during a November 18 SSPSB meeting. Board Chairman Dave Myette relayed the board’s confidence in Zettel in his new role. “We’re hopeful that you’re going to take this force to new places and new strengths," said Myette.

Zettel informed the Board that despite the sudden changes within the police services, along with the stresses of COVID-19, he’s confident in accepting the role of Chief because of the team at hand.

“Even though I may be leading it through, everything we’re going through right now, it’s everybody’s individual efforts that makes it what it is,” reported Zettel. “We all have equally important roles to play at different levels of the service and I couldn’t do it without everybody’s help," he added.

Saugeen Shores Mayor Luke Charbonneau echoed the assurance of the Board's decision to appoint Zettel as Chief of Police. “[Zettel's] demeanour, his character, is such that I believe he will inspire confidence in the people of our community and that due to his leadership we will continue to have a successful Saugeen Shores Police Service for years and decades to come," Charbonneau said.

Police Service Chaplin David Baker of Southport Pentecostal delivered a heartfelt message to Zettel. “This is an amazing moment in the history of our town. You have risen to the occasion today to assume the role of Chief of Police," said Baker. "I can speak for myself, I’m humbled to serve under you. I was saying to someone yesterday, you’re such a good man and we’re all blessed to have you," he said.

Retired Constable Doug Lein reminisced of Kevin Zettel’s first days with the Saugeen Shores Police Service and expressed his delight in Zettel accepting the new position of Chief of Police.