speed limit 30

In an effort to increase pedestrian and cyclist safety along the waterfront in Saugeen Shores, Council has approved reducing speed limits on North Shore Road, Miracmichi Bay Road and Saugeen Beach Road.

In a July 14 media release, with these changes the following three roads will be reduced from 40 km per hour to 30 km per hour:

North Shore Road from McVicar Street to Concession 10
Miramichi Bay Road from Concession 10 to South Street
Saugeen Beach Road from George Street to Bruce Road 25

“With the high water levels and damage along North Shore Trail, we need everyone to slow down as they travel along the waterfront,” said Mayor Luke Charbonneau.

Town staff will erect appropriate signage with the speed limit and accompanying “new” labels. The public should watch for these signs, as police will begin enforcing the new speed limits once signage is installed.

As well, motorists and cyclists must take care and watch for areas along these routes marked “single file only”, “no passing” and “yield to oncoming traffic”.