front runners

From left, Ben, Charlie, Zion, Azel and Tyler led the pack in GC Huston's Terry Fox Run September 20.

Hub Staff

Two thousand dollars is making its way to the Terry Fox Foundation courtesy of GC Huston Public School in Southampton after students collected donations for their annual Terry Fox Run September 20.

“Our fundraising challenge was a toonie for Terry,” teacher Enid Johnson informed children at a special assembly.

To a big applause, Johnson revealed that the school had collected four times their goal and mentioned that Grade 6 student Seamus Meneely and their family raised $500.

Meneely explained that they had gone to various homes in Southampton and asked residents if they would sponsor the school's Terry Fox Run. “Not one of them said no,” revealed Meneely.

After watching a video about Terry Fox and his Marathon of Hope students headed out and took to the streets of Southampton and around Fairy Lake, walking the first lap and running the second.

“Today is a perfect day to run for Terry Fox,” said Johnson. “We're going to walk in support of Terry Fox and we're going to run in support of Terry Fox.”


Grade 6 student Seamus Meneely (left) with the help of his younger siblings Declyn and Ewan, raised almost $500 for GC Huston's Terry Fox Run and the Terry Fox Foundation.


Galen and GC Huston mascot Onyx were out in Southampton participating in the Terry Fox Run September 20.

Max Jay Porter

There were some high fives from Educational Assistant Jay Reichert and Grade 4 students Max (left) and Porter as they ran along the streets of Southampton.

Samantha Rosalie

Grade 6 friends Samantha (left) and Rosalie stopped for a quick rest after their first lap of the GC Huston Terry Fox Run.


From left, Maybeline, Trinity, Lauren, and Brooklyn were enjoying their popsicles after the Terry Fox Run at GC Huston Public School.

Archie Liam

There were big smiles from Archie (left) and Liam as they cooled down with a popsicle following GC Huston's Terry Fox Run in Southampton.


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