Wismer House

The Wismer House in downtown Port Elgin.

The Wismer House is expanding their pub and bar operations with a new initiative, taking them into the competitive craft beer industry, the first of its kind in Port Elgin.

“We’re incredibly excited to bring Port Elgin their own beer. We are a growing community and we feel we’re ready to have a brewery we can call our own,” said Jeff Carver, owner of The Wismer House, in a May 23 media release. “We are finalizing the brand identity and cannot wait to announce it, as well as our first line of beer," he said.

The beer name and the branding are still under development and will focus on representing quality, taste and refreshment; as well as closely tying into the culture and identity of the Port Elgin community.

The Wismer House sits on the corner of Elgin and Goderich Street in downtown Port Elgin and plans have been made for an addition to be built onto the north side, the Elgin Street side, of the current building and will feature a distinctly branded brewery and retail outlet.

“We are looking forward to working with all of the other craft breweries in our greater region to make this a true destination for craft beer enthusiasts,” said Carver.

A grand opening is expected to be held in the Fall of 2019.

Wismer House Coming Soon

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