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north shore park

Scheduled spring maintenance of the waterfront is underway in the Town of Saugeen Shores, with additional work required to the North Shore Trail due to heavy wind and rainfall.

In a Town media release, two sections of the paved trail have experienced significant erosion damage and will be closed until repair is complete.

“At this time we are not sure when the sections of trail will re-open,” said Amanda Froese, Saugeen Shores Director of Infrastructure and Development. “The closed sections will require considerable work. Trail users should use caution in these areas, and yield to vehicles, obey traffic laws when moving around the closed sections” she added.

In addition to the trail damage, numerous complaints of debris and fallen fencing post and rope have been reported. Town staff are currently investigating the damage along the waterfront.

The Port Elgin Main Beach dunes and dune grass have also been reported to be damaged during heavy wind and rain.

Jayne Jagelewski, Director of Community Services with the Town of Saugeen Shores said the dunes protected the promenade during the high water level, and will rejuvenate as the water levels recede. "Our beaches are constantly evolving. The sand dunes did their job, as they were meant to, and the dunes and grass will rejuvenate themselves as water recedes," she said.

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