matthew becker

Rendezvous volunteer Matthew Becker got sparks going to the delight of his audience at the 10th annual Historic Saugeen Métis Rendezvous August 11 in Southampton.

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The Historic Saugeen Métis (HSM) held their 10th annual Métis Rendezvous at Pioneer Park in Southampton August 11.

The large crowd in attendance also learned about the 200th anniversary of the Saugeen Ojibway Piché String Wampum Exchange, which was celebrated in many ways. The day featured interactive booths for all ages with the Wampum belt, which translated means white shell beads, featured at many different stations from historic to craft.

Attendees had an opportunity to feast on barbecued white fish while others brought their lawn chairs to listen to perennial event fiddler, award winning Shane Cook, accompanied by The Woodchoppers.

Tours of 'Aunt Annie's', a home situated a block from Pioneer Park, were a hit for a second year. Angelique Longe, affectionately known as Aunt Annie, was a Métis woman born on the north bank of the Saugeen River in 1844 and is identified as the first Métis woman in the region. Aunt Annie’s home was once a pillar of the community. She spoke four languages: English, French, Ojibway and Gaelic; and was a midwife and a keeper of traditional knowledge, medicine and remedies.


The Wampun Belt is made from pieces of the Quahog Shell.

carolyn myers boone

Carolyn Myers Boone of the HSM holds letters from 1904 which describe the Wampum exchange from the Métis people of Cape Croker.

survival display

Displays from Survival in the Bush drew eager eyes with a thirst for knowledge at the HSM 10th annual Rendezvous August 11.


Amy Burgess (left) and Madison Baumbach helped children create their own Wampum belts.

trading post

The Métis would once use the shores of Lake Huron to trade food and furs.

shane cook

Shane Cook and The Woodchoppers entertained the crowd at the 10th annual Métis Rendezvous.

aunt annies

The historic Aunt Annie’s heritage site, located on Front Street, was a sight to see during the Métis Rendezvous August 11.


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