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Cassidy Kazimer Paulette Dailey

Paulette Dailey of the Living Hope Food Basket (left) accepts a $500 donation from Saugeen District Secondary School Prom Committee member Cassidy Kazimer July 17. Absent from photo Nikki Walker. Photo submitted

On June 28, 117 graduating Saugeen District Secondary School students gathered at Saugeen Golf and Country Club for their 2018 student organized prom.

Organizers Cassidy Kazimer and Nikki Walker selected the venue, planned the meal, designed and ordered tickets, met with venue staff to discuss rules and expectations, hired a DJ and a photographer. “It was a lot of work for the girls,” said Joan Kazimer, Cassidy’s mother. “They started planning in January, 2018,” she added.

The students managed their money and once all the bills were paid were left with a $500 surplus. The decision was made to donate the surplus to the Living Hope Food Baske, where the funds will be used to purchase food for those in need in Saugeen Shores.

In a submission to Saugeen Shores Hub, in a time when people say that teens are not responsible it was great to see this group pull it all together, do good work with solid organization and land outside the teen stereotype.

The Living Hope Food Basket welcomed the receipt of the money and thanked the students for their hard work and contribution.

The Food Basket is open to all from 12 noon to 3 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays. No appointment is needed.


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