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It seems as though Saugeen Shores is once again trying to shut down the Train and Station. Of course they are telling media that they have offered owners a five year lease and they’re not signing but signing it could lead to financial ruin.

The new lease is 14 pages as compared to the previous five page leases. These are just a few terms of the new five year lease.

Section 2(i-iv) requires the Station owners (the Hesses) to comply with the terms of a Capital Plan (amended annually) and approved by Saugeen Shores. If Saugeen Shores does not approve the annual Capital Plan, the lease is terminated and the owners must vacate within 30 days.

Section 4(ii) states that the lease will be terminated “if the Leased Premises falls within and/or conflicts with the Landlord’s (Saugeen Shores) future expansion and development plans, as amended year to year.”

Section 4 (ii) (a) (b) and (c) requires Station owners to vacate the premises within three months of being notified that the premise is required “for future expansion and/or development purposes” and if the owner does not vacate within three months, Saugeen Shores is “permitted to enter onto the Leased Premises and take possession of the buildings/structures and amenities and any items not removed by the Tenant.”

Secton 21 (a) gives both parties the right to terminate the lease at any time with three months notice.

Section 3 (iii) requires Station owners to reimburse Saugeen Shores “for any legal costs incurred by the Landlord with respect to the preparation, negotiation and/or execution of this Lease.”

These are just a few of the points added to Andy Hess’ lease. It is for five years but not really if you read it in full.

Our family is quite happy with the family beach atmosphere. It has become better over the last 10 years and we really don't want a bar and bar traffic.

Saugeen Shores Council meet again on Monday, June 11 and John Mann is doing a delegation. It would be great to have a crowd supporting him, even with signs outside before the meeting.

Joyce Coghill
Port Elgin


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