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Friend or foe or target

After being readied by Captain Rob Atkinson, teams aimed their hoses to hit their targets at the 29th Junior Firefighter Program demonstration and graduation ceremony, May 30.  

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Wednesday, May 30 saw the skills and graduation day for the 29th Saugeen Shores Junior Firefighter Program. With an apropos heat wave occurring and plenty of cool water on hand the 40 participants divided into four platoons of 10 each to capably demonstrate all that they had learned over the previous six weeks.

“This program is only possible because of the efforts of our volunteers,” said Saugeen Shores Fire Chief Phil Eagleson in his opening remarks.

The four platoons provided live demonstrations in the use of fire extinguishers, fire hoses, auto extrication, how to use your home emergency fire and smoke evacuation plan and, for good measure, some basic first aid skills.

Fire Prevention Officer and Captain Rob Atkinson explained the details of the safe approach to an incident scene, which he characterized as “wire, fire, glass, gas, thugs and drugs.” As each platoon followed, Atkinson remarked on the use of the individual tools and the skills that these juniors were mastering.

Atkinson warned attending photographers of the “splash zone” while he readied teams to hit their targets with the fire hose; reminding those in attendance that nozzles have two positions. “Right is to fight and left is to live,” he said, explaining that right is to hit fire with a jet while left protects firefighters with its broad spray.

In addition to on-site training, in order to graduate, the junior firefighters also have to complete their homework which includes changing batteries and testing home smoke detectors, complete with “selfie” pics; and writing a family escape plan for their homes.

Atkinson explained about the various sounds one can encounter in an emergency situation such as exploding glass and the different noises presented by the extrication tools. Atkinson remarked at how reassuring the junior firefighters could now be to their families as a result of their training if they ever found themselves this situation.

Breaking Glass with Res Q Me

The Junior Firefighters were instructed to yell, “Breaking glass!” when they execute use of the Res-Q-Me tool seen in the picture below. They take out all of the windows before helping remove victims in order to keep the first responders safe.

Breaking Glass with the hammer tool

A hammer tool is sometimes utilized as a means to break the glass.

One last cut and this door is open

There is a wide array of hydraulic and battery operated jaws and cutters to open up cars and release any trapped victims.

First Aid demo

Victims often require medical attention and these junior firefighters are taught some first aid basics.

Graduating Class of 2018

Upon graduating these junior firefighters were asked to stow away their jackets and helmets. More than one was heard inquiring if they were still going to have the traditional graduation celebration. And if you work as hard as they do you can have some cake and ice cream too.

Graduation Cake

A graduation cake helped celebrate the junior firefighters’ achievements.

Large group of family and friends on hand

A large contingent of friends and family were on hand to witness the demonstrations and graduation ceremony for the Junior Firefighter Program.

Dont forget to sweep

Fire Prevention Officer and Captain Rob Atkinson explained sweeping across the flames as a means to extinguish this fire.

Phew all out safely

This fire was put out safely as part of the Junior Firefighters demonstrations May 30.

Alpha Platoon

Alpha Platoon graduates.

Bravo Platoon

Bravo Platoon graduates.

Charlie Platoon

Charlie Platoon graduates.

Delta Platoon

Delta Platoon graduates.


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