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Briar MacKay

Briar MacKay agreed this fire truck is a thing of beauty.

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On the morning of Saturday, May 26 at the Port Elgin Fire Station 60, Saugeen Shores firefighters held their second annual fundraiser breakfast. Fire Chief Phil Eagleson said the increasingly popular event allowed for all of the firefighters to enjoy time together in one place. Eagleson was quick to acknowledge newly appointed Captain Matt Carr as the author, energy and determination of the event.

Carr said he was very pleased with the additional 100 or so attendees over last year’s 240 total.

Firefighters love their vintage trucks and this is where they intend to spend the money raised.

Liberal MPP candidate Don Matheson and PC incumbent Lisa Thompson were both in attendance enjoying some breakfast and engaging in some hot topic discussions and a meet and greet before embarking on another day of campaigning.

No thank you Capt Carr

Captain Matt Carr couldn’t convince all of these youngsters to co-operate for the camera.

Captain Carrs scrambled egg crew

Captain Carr (right) provided quality control of the scrambled eggs with (from left) Captain Jeff Ackert, Captain Keith Steingart and Lieutenant Gary Smith.

Don Matheson

Liberal MPP candidate Don Matheson was in attendance at the second annual Fireman’s Breakfast May 26 at the Port Elgin fire station.

Lisa Thompson

PC incumbent Lisa Thompson conferred with her campaign team.


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