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Prance Cheque Presentation

Local rider, 8 year old Paige, and therapeutic horse Woody accompanied TD Securities Events and Charity Programs Manager Juliette Robinson (right) as she presented a $25,000 donation to PRANCE Operations Manager and Volunteer Co-ordinator Ann Veyvara-Divinski May 19.

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A welcome gift of $25,000 was presented to PRANCE (Pegasus Riding Association Nurturing Challenged Equestrians) at their Port Elgin facility from TD Securities May 19.

PRANCE is a registered, non profit charitable organization which is funded solely by donations and grants. The organization's therapeutic riding program is designed for rehabilitation, development and enrichment of those with physical, emotional and intellectual challenges through experiences with and on a horse.

This is the fifth year that PRANCE has received a donation from TD Securities Underwriting Hope Fund, a TD Securities employee based charity. “A bunch of employees get together every year and we have a big campaign and we fundraise,” explained TD Securities Events and Charity Programs Manager, Juliette Robinson. “Last year we raised $1.4 million in Canada and another $600,000 in the US. Then we give back to charities that our employees are involved or have a relationship.”

PRANCE Operations Manager and Volunteer Co-ordinator Ann Veyvara-Divinski said that they were indebted to TD Securities for their ongoing support of the organization and their programs. “Twenty-five thousand goes a long way here and we can use it in a bunch of different places,” she said, explaining that the funds would go to cover various costs including ongoing education of their horses, instructor workshops and clinics, volunteer enrichment and co-ordination, horse care, updating their defibrillator and promotional materials.

“TD Securities doesn’t put any restrictions on their donation. It’s just to PRANCE and however we use it. Those kinds of things that nobody else can fund,” Veyvara-Divinski said.


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