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The pilot project for three in-ground waste containers was dumped by Saugeen Shores councillors during the March 12 council meeting. The project, that saw approval in principle at the February 26 Committee of Whole, would have cost $25,000 and was proposed as an addition to the already approved 2018 budget.

Deputy Mayor Luke Charbonneau voted against the pilot twice but was optimistic that it could have a place on the 2019 budget. “When we passed the 2018 budget that had lots of big projects in them I think we should get those ones done before we add new ones,” said Charbonneau March 12.

“When you add more projects you add more work, when you add more work you know that Capital Budget is calibrated to fill staff’s time. They have a certain amount of time, they proposed a budget that they could complete.” The Deputy Mayor stated that if Council continues to add to Town Staff’s agenda it would reduce staff’s ability to complete work.

Mayor Mike Smith who voted in approval for the pilot twice mused over what could have changed councillors’ minds since the last meeting.

“It passed at the last Committee of a Whole meeting so some more information that people got I guess changed their mind. It’s not unusual for Council to add things to the budget, that happens all the time. That’s what you have reserve funds for and that’s what you have development funds for, we’ll get it next year in the budget,” said the Mayor.


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